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fuels Everything

Every vein of Matters beats the same rhythm: one of passion and love for the beauty that photography brings.

Grand Winner Belgium's top wedding photographer / One eyeland
World's Top ten wedding photographers / One Eyeland
Category Winner International wedding photographer of the year
2020 / 2021
WPC World photography cup / Team Belgium
Rise International Awards Finalist 2x Silver 3x Bronze
Federation of European Photographers Wedding photographer of the year 5th place
Federation of European Photographers Young Photographer of the year 2021

They say

Every story needs
a beginning

How I got here

It all started
over ten Years Ago

"I would lie if I tell you that the first time I cranked the dial of my disposable camera and clicked that my heart didn't skip a beat"


2012 – Photography – University of Amsterdam

2018- Master Advertising and Digital Creation – CAD

2019 – Founder of Matters Photography

Finding My voice

It didn't stop there

"In every image, I explore the next step towards a more beautiful world, an experience I love to share!"

Our Vision

Our Story to the world

As all our creations as photographers no matter your subject, style, age or skill level, all of us share that one common passion that drives us forward in a search to always capture the world around us.

This goal

is also our legacy to this world: a way of giving memories a tangible feeling.

Our Vision

Our Story to the world

  Imagine an old couple rediscovering their precious yellowed album filled with images and being able to relive those emotions. Isn’t that the essence of the gift we all want to share?


Let's Go On an
Incredible Journey

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